Katie Crabb

Enamored with adventure, and an enthusiastic reader as a child, Katie could often be found scribbling down (or daydreaming about) stories, and fell into more structured writing in the way of so many other Millennials--through fandom! Writing fic in those early days before Ao3 turned a childhood love of reading into a love of telling her own stories, and eventually, to an English and Creative Writing degree. 

Historical fiction was her first love (the American Girl and Dear America series got her hooked) and it remains her truest when it comes to writing. Exploring the lives of those who are long gone, uncovering hidden narratives, and challenging the stories we've been told are just a few of the things she loves about writing in this genre. It never gets boring! 

Some things you can usually find in her stories: 
  • Queer characters
  • Found family 
  • Adventure!
  • Redemption/atonement arcs 
  • Complicated blood families 
  • Historical revolutions and rebellions 
  • Strong friendships 
  • Ruminations on grief, trauma, and resilience 

Historical periods of interest:
  • The golden age of piracy/early age of sail 
  • 1820s/1830s France (so many rebellions, so little time) 
  • Late 19th century France (think when the Palais Garnier was built) 
  • The Gilded Age (those sweet sweet labor rights movements!) 
  • Regency England 

Raised in Georgia, Katie currently lives in DC with her partner (and until recently, an absolute unit of a cat. His "help" with editing is greatly missed!) 

For inquiries, you can email at kathleen.e.crabb@gmail.com, or find her on Twitter and Tumblr.